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Life and art

Life is one giant gamble.

If you have something good but you aspire for more, is there a sign to hit or stay?

On that note here is some art!


This is of course Buddha. For reference picture just google image “buddha.” I tried a different style for this that my usual all done in permanent marker and instead of normal shading I used a dotting technique (it’s called something; The name has slipped my mind). Im not very good at it YET! Practice makes perfect so Im sure I will try again.


And this BEAUTIFUL lady is named Rose Shock (reference pictures on instagram under username Roseshock). I love her makeup, style and artistic talent she is pretty amazing. This of course inspired me to draw her so here you go enjoy!


iOS 7, Inglorious, and Glee! Oh my!

This is my general “catch myself up on my blog” post because I have about twenty topics in my head I would like to discuss:

1. iOS 7 (now 7.2):
LOVE. I think it is amazing, although I find sometimes it looks very generic I enjoy the new features and look overall. A friend of mine posted a helpful video on saving battery life which I think is helping my phone a lot, especially on Saturdays like today. Overall I give the new system an 8 out of 10 in improvement, as I feel there could have been some better features added but am happy with what we got. Beggars can’t be choosers. Or so they say. Here is a link to the video if you are interested:

2. Music~ so many awesome bands are releasing music lately! My favorite so far is most DEFINITELY the release of Kerbera’s first single Inglorious!! This really hits my heart hard because I was a huge fan of Seremedy and since their disbandment have had a slight hole in my rock loving ticker. So far we have heard from many of the band’s former members whether it be theough music or other projects (Yohio, Frederick, and Jenziih) but I have been eagerly anticipating their ex. Volcalist Seike’s new project! In my eyes he is extremely talented and from what I have gathered has a huge heart as well. I can safely say he is my favorite member of the band. So without further a due I give you Inglorious!:

**My side note before you watch this video: If you do not enjoy this music I do not want rude negative comments about the band, people in the band, style/ genre of music or whatever. They worked hard to get where they are and deserve support. Negative comments about the above will be reported and deleted without response. If you dont like it: don’t watch it or don’t read my blog.

3. Glee. Since the unfortunate death of Cory Monteith I have been dreading the premier of the 5th season of Glee. It tears apart my soul to know that each person on the set is crying internally while smiling on film. I am a little upset that they reshot the first three episodes, thus ridding fans of the opportunity to see our Finn in his last glorious moments. But I can’t say I blame the director for it. I would love for them to release the footage though. I feel episode 3 (the episode where the cast finds out about “Finn”) is going to be more heart breaking than any other episode. Episode one already made me cry, it will probably only get worse. But it will help put all those Gleek’s hearts out there at ease once we can say our final goodbyes with the cast.

RIP Cory Monteith: although many of us never met you, you have left your footprint in our hearts.

If you have a favorite actor, actress, musician, artist or entertainer in general, dont forget to show them love and support for all their hard work and dedication to whatever makes them special! The entertainment industry (especially in America) is huge and sometimes we forget they are normal people who need positive thoughts and smiling faces to get where they are!


I have a few other topics but I will post on them later. Something to look forward to:

Artwork! So you know what I have been doing on Saturdays that have taken my time up from posting 😉

Official pet introduction of Cheeseburger and Tofu (as well as guest appearances from Hijack, Bandit, and Kirby, maybe even Dozer and Roxy)

And many more!

Makeup Tutorial Time!

I’m going to do this one a little different than the last one I did. There is only one style of makeup for this post instead of multiple.  And instead of drawing it out I took progressive shots of what I used and how I applied it so hopefully it will make more sense and you can actually understand what the colors are suppose to look like. If you saw my previous makeup tutorial (link provided if you did not) please let me know if you like this style better!



I started out with all of this crap for my face. Yeah, it’s a lot but I have a terrible complexion and scars so it’s kind of required. From bottom right to left is how I apply it and the brush to the left of the product is the brush I use to blend or apply.


From left to right is:

1. eye brow/ mascara brush
2. the thin lined brush I use for the black shadow liner and my eyebrows
3. this one I use for the bottom shadow (after applying eyeliner) and to highlight my brow
4. this is a round flat brush perfect for getting those good angles on the top lid eyeshadow
5. this is my big blender brush I used for the first light grey color (also good for blending different eyeshadow colors together)
6. Blush brush for my bronzer
7. Blush brush for my actual blush


First, using my favorite Tarte palette and brush number 5, apply the lighter grey color with the blending brush over it like so:


Blending across the top lid and in the crease of your eye.


Next, using my favorite black eyeliner by Tarte I lined the bottom and top waterline of my eye.


Its ok to get liner on the outside of the bottom water because it will be used as a primer for the eyeshadow that’s going down there next! Normally I use white eyeliner to make my eye look larger but this time I was going for a more narrow looking eye, you’ll see why when we are done!


Next, using these two awesome colors by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics and brush number 3 apply them to the inside and outside of your bottom lid.


Like so! I use this white for almost every makeup look I create it is by far my favorite.


Next, using the Witches Brew color and brush number 4, apply to top lid like so.


After that use the Graveyard Dust (#4 still) on the inside corner of where you lined the Witches Brew, to give you a darker color on the outside of your eye and lighter on the inside.


Next, using the Wicked White again and brush number 3, highlight the brow arch.


After that is done you want to use this awesome black color (or any black shadow you see fit) to light your eye as you would with eyeliner along with brush number 2.


I like to make the basic shape of how I will do my liquid liner.Image

Before I move onto liquid liner though, I like to do my eyebrows first! The reason behind this is I use eyeshadow. If you use the shadow after liquid liner the extra shadow may drop in your eyeliner, thus forcing you to re apply your eyeliner. Not a bad thing but I feel it is an unnecessary set.


I have very red hair, so I do my eyebrows RED. To start with I draw the top and bottom line of my eyebrow with a dark brown.


Then, using this amazing red color and brush number 2:


Do the same over the dark brown. I left a little of my hair in the picture to show you the color comparison. I like it brighter up front but I could make it darker using more brown depending on what I am doing for the dark and whether I am going to work 😛


Next, it’s time for the liquid liner!


Here is the basic line I go by.


Using whatever thickness you want draw from the outside corner of your liner to the inside; leave a little room between the black eyeshadow and the liner so it looks like it blends. This is still wet which is why the liner is so shiny, I really wanted you to be able to see where I drew my liner though.


Next, I used Poisonella and brush number 2 on the outside of the black liquid liner like so:


And drew another line of liner on the outside of it to make it really stand out.


The mascara I used for this look was the purple one, though I wanted to show you my absolute favorite by Tarte, which is the Gifted Amazonian Clay! They happened to be out of it so I bough a different Tart mascara, which is still a pretty good mascara.


Voila! I tried to get a good picture of my eyelashed. You can use falsies if you wish, I don’t like them personally.


Cover with your really dirty Urban Decay Makeup setting spray…


Topped off with your favorite circle lenses*…


And Huzzah! You’re ready for your day!

Hope you liked this 🙂 Be sure to let me know if you recreate the look on your blog I would love to see it!

**You should always put your circle lenses/ contacts in BEFORE you do your makeup to avoid getting makeup in your eye, ruining your awesome makeup you probably just spent a long time on, and to keep from getting infections/ going blind. I just happened to put the contact in after for the sake of the tutorial. Do as I say not as I do ;)!




I included the unfiltered and filtered version of my finished product of Miyavi.

He is a visual kei, japanese samurai guitarist. I have a huge amount of respect for him and his ability to expertly shred on guitar in his own slap style. He has the best stage presence of any musical artist I have ever seen.

He is my musical hero.

Check out his music if you have not already!

Excuses are like Butt Holes

Sorry for the lack of post due to my limited phone data, new work schedule and newest addition to my small cat family, I havent had the opportunity to write anything. Look forward to a few new makeup tutorials, artwork, travels to New Orleans and random thoughts as soon as my data resets in five days. Around that time I should be able to resume a normal work schedule and my babies are now getting along!

To keep the suspense going here are pictures of my cats and a wip of my latest creation of Miyavi!


The dark huge one is Cheeseburger and the little white one is my newest addition, Tofu.

I got Cheeseburger (formally Elvis) 4 years ago at this size, maybe bigger, from a friend of my mom. He is the love of my life and I adore him<3 No, he does not have diabetes. He is 21 1/2 pounds.

Tofu is my little baby girl. She was wondering around my friends neighborhood for about a month she is the sweetest kitten I have ever met though. She was born approximately on my little brothers birthday (April 13th) is 4 1/2 pounds and tested negative for feline leukemia at her appointment today! Ironically I was going to make a post about pets being like children the night I got her. I’m sure the post will make it here soon.
Miyavi Ishihara is my favorite Japanese musical artist! He has AMAZING stage presence and I have been listening to his music since his solo career took flight when I was still in highschool. Such a beautiful man with a beautiful family! Check out his music!