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Progress: The Doctor and River

Progress shot of The Doctor and River for my Christmas Art Challenge! This one is for my sister Ill be coloring it with colored pencils once I go buy some new ones ;). David Bowie is not yet complete either will post a picture of that as well once its complete. Time to go to the art store! My favorite<3



Daily prompt: mid season replacement


Florida (or the part where I have lived for 18 years anyway) only has two and a half seasons as opposed to four.
1. Scorching hot
2. Scorching hot and raining
1/4. Slightly cool
1/4. Freezing freaking cold because of outrageous humidity

I guess you could consider that four… But I assure you it really only adds up to two and a half.

And it does not go in sequence ex:
January through February its cold,
March through April its cool,
May through September its hell fire and brim stone hot with a 50% chance of rain all the time,
October splits being hot, rainy, and cool,
November is mostly cool,
December is whatever December feels like being.

Florida has what I like to call “Moody Weather.” Generally the examples given above are some what true, but really you just never know.

One day its hot
Tomorrow its cold
The next day its raining and oh by the way theres a category five hurricane coming your way!


Thank, Mother Nature, you’re a real bitch.

But aside from Mother Nature’s rag weather, I love the change from hot to cool. It is my favorite time of year and even though I love warm weather I get ecstatic for winter to bring out my scarf collection!

Did I mention hot chocolate and coffee?? Thats my favorite part of the cold weather…


For photo references google: “florida weather” and “hot coffee” I do not own these images they were just perfect for my blog 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite


Home does not have to be your current location or where you grew up, but the place you sit and feel completely at peace. Sometimes it is more than one place; sometimes it takes a life time to find it. But when you find it you will know. Home has an infinite feeling of happiness.

Welcome to my happiness.

The Daily Prompt: Exhale

We are blind for some time in our life. Some people longer than others.
And there is a moment in time when we finally open our eyes to the horrible truths.

It is not a slow process, but being thrown in front of a speeding car at night.
A ‘deer in the headlights’ look if you will.

It is living in a dark cave from the beginning and then being forced out of the cave into the sunlight.

And you can’t blink,
or breath,
or live without being in constant fear of what you may see.

And then one day you forget to keep your eyes open and shut them for just a second.
And you think to yourself
“Well, that wasn’t too bad.”

So you do it again, and again, and again until you are finally able to
and breath
and live.

While carrying with you the knowledge that you may one day wonder into the middle of the road again,
Perhaps with a different car this time,
And you may get that deer in the headlights look.

But as long as you move off the road and teach yourself to breath again,
You will keep going.




There are many defining moments in my life where I have felt as such, a lot of which I have discussed on this blog.

One of those defining moments was when my mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to undergo chemo therapy, which many of you may know is hard to watch your loved ones go through. And if you have gone through it yourself, I am so happy you are reading this right now.

The moment I knew everything would be alright was when I came home from school one day, and my step father was bald. I was so confused by the abrupt change because his receding hairline haunted him since I met him and he tried every day to hide it.

There is no hiding bald.

But, when I went into my mom’s room: I understood.
She too was bald.

Her hair was coming out and in an effort to make her feel better about it after he helped shave her head, he handed her the razor and said
“Shave my head, too.”

That was when I closed my eyes,
And taught myself to breath again.

Because I knew with so many loving and caring people around her for support,
She could kick cancer’s ass.

And she did,
many times now.

And hopefully this time for good.

Dear Titan,


I only got to meet you for 20 minutes today. And playing with you was the most fun I have had in a long time. Your name wasn’t really Titan, but I was going to steal you away and name you that. You were going to grow up just like your big brother Dozer. The sweetest big headed dork in the world.

I am so sorry your time was so short.

Good night, beautiful. Sleep in peace.


You remind me of the babe

“The babe with the power.”

Anyone else ask this beautiful man to take away your younger sibling?


Not complete but too excited not to share! This will be a present for one of my very good friends! Still needs highlights in the orb and a few in other places. I will be decorating the picture frame it sits in as well so when all is said and done I will post the finished product :).

On another note I am starting my own Christmas Art Challenge and I think all you artist out there should do the same!

I picked five very important people to me and their favorite person/ pet/ thing. The challenge is to have five works of art to give as gifts for christmas.

I thought of the idea because I want to expand on my artistic talents.

So I have:
a famous singer/actor (Bowie- for my friend Kasce)
a famous acting couple (The Doctor and River- for my sister)
a pet (my mom’s pitbull Dozer- for my mom)
a real couple (my Nana who recently passed and her late husband for my Papa/ their son)
and last, but not least, something from a computer game (League of Legends for my fiance, Russell)

One down four to go and two and a half months to finish it all! I know what I’ll be doing at work on Saturdays 😉

Tag “Christmas Art Challenge” if you decide to do this and I will follow you to keep up! Ill even reblog :)! And remember it does not have to be a drawing you could use photography or some other craft! Its a great idea for gifts and it really comes from the heart!

Weekly photo challenge: good morning!


I wake up to this adorable butthead (named Tofu) on my chest, licking my face .every. .morning.

Best morning wake up call ever.

Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make The (Wo)Man

Style is important, though it hasn’t always been.

When I was growing up, I was part of a military family with three children and as many pets as we could take care of. We lived a chaotic, but simple, life. I always knew dad had ridiculous spending habits that liked to bite the family in the ass; since my father and mother got divorced when I was 11, my mom was left with nothing but my sister and myself. We had very little money as she was a substitute teacher and eventually diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 16, about the time she remarried my step father.

I know this has nothing to do with style, clothes, or fashion of any kind, but it was very important to those topics during my upbringing. See, I was one of those children that refused to ask my mom for anything I did not absolutely need. And I did not absolutely need the latest in fashion and brand names. I was one of those kids that wanted to wear Tripp pants and black all the time, however my mom wouldn’t let me so I had to make due with whatever else was available. Therefore, I was content with cheap, comfortable jeans and printed tee shirts most of my middle and high school life (when people really learn the basics how to dress). It was a very average tom-boy look.

It wasn’t until I got my first job that I started buy my own clothes (the clothes I wanted) and started being more of a girl (wearing dresses, learning what was fashionable, doing my makeup every day instead of just when I felt like it). And it wasn’t until college I really learned how to dress myself. Since moving out of my moms house my sense of fashion has expanded and I have finally found my own style.

I am still the same person I was back then, finding good deals and most of what I find comfortable, but in a different way now that I don’t have to depend on others to get what I want. It means a lot to me to express myself how I feel I always should have been able to. I feel like this was always the shadow standing behind the girl in the printed tee shirts and bell bottom jeans.

Random perusing through my computer has found me these pictures of my type of fashion. Yup, I’m vain sometimes. So shoot me.



Just Wait…

I don’t believe we ever fully get over the trauma(s) in our life. Do most of us move on and try to help others move on with theirs? Of course!

But the thoughts and worry are always in the back of your mind.

The pictures of those memories are burned behind your eyelids for when you close your eyes. And some days they are hard to look past.

And that voice, even 1/10/20/30 years later, is ever present.
Listening and watching to effect you again, or the important people in your life.
Always whispering in the back of your mind,

“… Just Wait”



~Do not live your life in fear of what may happen. Just be constantly aware what you think is impossible can be just the opposite. My words of wisdom for the day/