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You remind me of the babe

“The babe with the power.”

Anyone else ask this beautiful man to take away your younger sibling?


Not complete but too excited not to share! This will be a present for one of my very good friends! Still needs highlights in the orb and a few in other places. I will be decorating the picture frame it sits in as well so when all is said and done I will post the finished product :).

On another note I am starting my own Christmas Art Challenge and I think all you artist out there should do the same!

I picked five very important people to me and their favorite person/ pet/ thing. The challenge is to have five works of art to give as gifts for christmas.

I thought of the idea because I want to expand on my artistic talents.

So I have:
a famous singer/actor (Bowie- for my friend Kasce)
a famous acting couple (The Doctor and River- for my sister)
a pet (my mom’s pitbull Dozer- for my mom)
a real couple (my Nana who recently passed and her late husband for my Papa/ their son)
and last, but not least, something from a computer game (League of Legends for my fiance, Russell)

One down four to go and two and a half months to finish it all! I know what I’ll be doing at work on Saturdays 😉

Tag “Christmas Art Challenge” if you decide to do this and I will follow you to keep up! Ill even reblog :)! And remember it does not have to be a drawing you could use photography or some other craft! Its a great idea for gifts and it really comes from the heart!


2 responses to “You remind me of the babe

  1. acuriousgal October 5, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    Good idea, Becca! I’ll do it!!!

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