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Daily prompt: mid season replacement


Florida (or the part where I have lived for 18 years anyway) only has two and a half seasons as opposed to four.
1. Scorching hot
2. Scorching hot and raining
1/4. Slightly cool
1/4. Freezing freaking cold because of outrageous humidity

I guess you could consider that four… But I assure you it really only adds up to two and a half.

And it does not go in sequence ex:
January through February its cold,
March through April its cool,
May through September its hell fire and brim stone hot with a 50% chance of rain all the time,
October splits being hot, rainy, and cool,
November is mostly cool,
December is whatever December feels like being.

Florida has what I like to call “Moody Weather.” Generally the examples given above are some what true, but really you just never know.

One day its hot
Tomorrow its cold
The next day its raining and oh by the way theres a category five hurricane coming your way!


Thank, Mother Nature, you’re a real bitch.

But aside from Mother Nature’s rag weather, I love the change from hot to cool. It is my favorite time of year and even though I love warm weather I get ecstatic for winter to bring out my scarf collection!

Did I mention hot chocolate and coffee?? Thats my favorite part of the cold weather…


For photo references google: “florida weather” and “hot coffee” I do not own these images they were just perfect for my blog 😉


2 responses to “Daily prompt: mid season replacement

  1. acuriousgal October 12, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    Minnesota gets moody weather too with December thru February being our hibernating time. Hot chocolate everyday!!!!

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