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Weekly photo challenge: good morning!


I wake up to this adorable butthead (named Tofu) on my chest, licking my face .every. .morning.

Best morning wake up call ever.

Excuses are like Butt Holes

Sorry for the lack of post due to my limited phone data, new work schedule and newest addition to my small cat family, I havent had the opportunity to write anything. Look forward to a few new makeup tutorials, artwork, travels to New Orleans and random thoughts as soon as my data resets in five days. Around that time I should be able to resume a normal work schedule and my babies are now getting along!

To keep the suspense going here are pictures of my cats and a wip of my latest creation of Miyavi!


The dark huge one is Cheeseburger and the little white one is my newest addition, Tofu.

I got Cheeseburger (formally Elvis) 4 years ago at this size, maybe bigger, from a friend of my mom. He is the love of my life and I adore him<3 No, he does not have diabetes. He is 21 1/2 pounds.

Tofu is my little baby girl. She was wondering around my friends neighborhood for about a month she is the sweetest kitten I have ever met though. She was born approximately on my little brothers birthday (April 13th) is 4 1/2 pounds and tested negative for feline leukemia at her appointment today! Ironically I was going to make a post about pets being like children the night I got her. I’m sure the post will make it here soon.
Miyavi Ishihara is my favorite Japanese musical artist! He has AMAZING stage presence and I have been listening to his music since his solo career took flight when I was still in highschool. Such a beautiful man with a beautiful family! Check out his music!

Kitty Wants A Cheeseburger

My fat cat, Cheeseburger, is trying to get my fiance, Russell’s, cheeseburger. I found it ironic. Also, the fact that he is doing so by trying to balance on the back of a chair is entertaining. Enjoy this video, ignore what mess you can see in the background. 🙂 Cheers.