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Zero to Hero

Just like that!~~~ヾ(^∇^)♪

This is slightly old news, but I read an article today about a guy named Paul Richards and his band “Heavy Load.” Here is the link to the article but it basically says this group of middle aged men created a punk band that ended up starting a campaign called “Stay Up Late” for those with learning disabilities (the idea sprouted from him and his friends having learning disabilities).

After reading about the charity I decided to look more up on it because I thought it is a really awesome concept. Their thought behind the organization is that most of those with disabilities do not have the means or ability to have a social life (as social workers are usually done by 10). So they created this campaign to get those people out after dark to make it possible for them to socialize and have fun with their lives. It isnt just about partying and going out but more motivation to really so what they want with their lives. Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me.

You can find out more by clicking this link



You Should…

Check out my best friend’s blog

Salem Oblivion

He’s pretty amazing.

Side note I guess I could tell you about my day:
I was fairly productive and cleaned the old apartment we stayed in so that all I have to do now is vacuum a couple rooms (yay me!). I feel that even if we didn’t clean religiously (mostly I was on strike because the two boys I lived with wouldn’t clean) I think it should be clean for the new tenants.
Even if the neighborhood is shitty.
And the reality company didn’t do anything to help our process move smoothly.

We still have a lot to do, but we will get to it! We are both just very busy 😦 My fiance works for a beer company (Miller) in merchandising; which has its perks. We try a lot of awesome beer! This month they have the New Belgium items available to him for $5 a case… Talk about heaven. These are two of my favorite so far:


Check it out if you like beer. The sunshine is a lighter, more flavored beer. Trippel is a hoppier IPA. Both are very enjoyable and come in a pint size container.

Aside from that, I had a decent day at work. The place I work trains students from our local college and tomorrow is their last day which is very sad. I enjoy and dislike students all at the same time! They always seem to know ALMOST what they are talking about but its really difficult when you are responsible for their work. I like to lock myself away in a room without them on days when I feel stressed or when the Radiologist is cranky.

The two we have this semester are really good for only being in their 3rd (out of 5) semester. Normally we only accept 4th and 5th semester students but this was our first set of 3rd semesters in 2 years. I’m impressed. Though it always seems one is cockier than the other and the one that is not is either the one we like or the one that doesn’t know anything at all. In this case it’s the one we like.

I am sad to see them go though and hope they get through the next year flawlessly! It’s nice to know that you make a difference to people in their learning. Makes me smile a little.

On that note I’m going to finish watching this episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (because I love nostalgia) and go to bed!

Also, I have officially hit more than 30 followers so I want to thank you so much to everyone that follows me! I really appreciate you guys<3


I am a licensed x-ray technologist and I must say I absolutely LOVE my job; even when I have the worst, uncooperative patients, helping people is really what I enjoy doing!

That being said I get a lot of the same questions to very common exams so this is kind of an informational blog on x-rays and some common facts that were pounded into my head when I went to school. I also believe its important for you to have some basic knowledge of radiation since it seems to be a bigger concern for the general public these days.

First off, there are multiple modalities to a diagnostic imaging department and regular x-rays are the most common diagnosing broken bones, chest (heart and lung) pathologies, and viewing the digestive tract through use of fluoroscopy (study of real time movement through body using some form of contrast medium). Other modalities include CT (Computer Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasonography, Mammography, DEXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry ) Scan. My  knowledge of the other modalities are fairly limited to the basic, but you’re more than welcome to ask any questions about them I might be able to answer or I can ask the technologist I know who work in that modality.

So questions I get asked all the time:
1. If the right side of my chest hurts, why are you putting my left side against the board?
Well, as most people know the heart is located on the left side. Although you have right chest pain what we are actually trying to visualize on a lateral chest x-ray is the heart and any fluid or nodules seen in the *PA[posterior anterior] (or **AP [anterior posterior]) view. With x-rays the object you are looking to see should be the one closest to the board to decrease the OID (Object to Image Distance). In this instance putting your left side against the board decreases the OID, and therefore decreasing the magnification on the heart so we can make sure your heart is the proper size it should be and checking for any other abnormalities is possible.

2. How much radiation am I getting from this?
The amount of radiation you receive is based off of many factors:
What exam are you getting?
How big are you?
What technique is your technologist setting?
How long are you getting radiated (most important for fluoroscopic cases)?
I cannot tell you how much radiation you are receiving in a number unless I had all of that information, but even if I could it probably wouldn’t mean anything to you. The next question would be “well how much is that?” I can tell you that a simple two view chest x-ray is generally so little radiation that walking outside in the sun will give you more radiation. In fact, if you fly on a plane you are probably receiving more radiation than coming in to have an exam done. Radiation is all around you! Even bananas emit small amounts of radiation.

3. Why do I have to change my clothes?
Trust me when I say us x-ray technologist do not want to see you naked. If you are wearing a thick material, metal, plastic, or something with a very textural design there is a good chance we will see it on our pictures. Underneath that button or those metal clips could be some kind of pathology the radiologist would miss.

4. Do you see anything?
“Well, I see some bones, a heart, maybe some lungs. Pretty much looks like a human chest to me.” My patients probably think I am a sarcastic ass. And they’re right. However, technologist are not allowed to answer this question (and if they do they are putting their jobs on the line). The Radiologist (who must be a certified Doctor) is responsible for reading the pictures the technologist takes. How would you feel if the technologist told you they thought you had lung cancer but when your doctor gets the report it comes back normal? That could get seriously out of hand, very quickly. So please, do not ask. If you would like to see your pictures and the tech you get is nice enough/ able to, feel free to look. Otherwise, try to be patient.

5. How does radiation create a picture of my anatomy?
Through a complicated process, radiation exposes a special plate in an image receptor and that receptor is read using a machine or processing where you have to dip your film in chemicals to get a picture. The specifics really depends on the equipment used and type of x-ray machine. There is the really old school film that requires film, a dark room, and chemicals. This is fairly outdated and only used in private doctors offices; most hospitals in the United States (as far as I’m aware) utilize technology/computers (of course). Basically, there is a plate that is read by a machine. The amount of radiation that hits the plate is based on the density of the object its going through. For example radiation will not go through bone as easily as it would go through muscle, and muscle would be more difficult to go through than fat. The exposed plate will turn various shades of gray and black (black is air), bone will be white with a few grey lines (called trabecular markings). Those varying black, grays, and white create the picture of your anatomy for the Radiologist to read!

Common fact about x-rays:
-Chest and Abdominal x-rays are done erect in order to view air/fluid levels in your body. If you would like a visual of this, go grab a bottle of water and drink about half of it. Set the bottle up against a wall at eye level. You can clearly see the level of fluid and how much is in the bottle. Now, lay the bottle down and standing over it look down. You cannot tell how much water is in it. Since your body is made up mostly of fluid, while a patient is laying down we would not even be able to tell if there is fluid present where it shouldn’t be.-The Gallbladder does not show up on x-rays; gallstones are rarely seen on x-rays because of the material they are made of (mostly cholesterol) is not dense enough to differ from other anatomy.

-There are 206 bones in the body. When you are a child your bones are not fused together; they fuse are you grow.

-There is no such thing as big boned. I’m sorry to inform you, but everyone’s bones are generally the same size (of course our different body types, height, ect do effect the shape and length of the bone). Some people’s bones are denser or a little thicker, but just because your body gets bigger does not mean your bones are! Trust me on this, I see what I like to call “little people trapped in a big body” every day. So, 20 years ago the knees you had when you only weighted 100 pounds are still supporting your now 200+ pound body. Just think about that for a minute.

-If you have any UGI (upper gastrointestinal) studies done and they give you specific instructions to not eat or drink for 6-8 hours prior to your study: We will know if you are lying. Liquid and food will be in your stomach and it shows up on x-rays. Even normal activity such as smoking cigarettes, chewing bubble gum, and taking medication in the morning can skew your results, so make sure you pay attention to your instructions!

-The appendix is best viewed with contrast studies, but most of the time so small it cannot be seen! It is found in an area of the large intestines known as the cecum, or near the ileocecal valve (the junction between the ileum of the small intestine and the cecum of the large intestine).


*The PA [posterior anterior] position is where x-ray beam is traveling through your body from the posterior to the anterior. You are facing the image receptor that is capturing radiation coming from your chest which is what creates your picture.

**The AP [anterior posterior] position is where you are facing the x-ray tube with your back to the image receptor. If this is occurring you are most likely not able to stand and will be done with you laying in a bed sitting up or sitting up in a wheelchair.

It’s amazing how much I information I cannot come up with when I try! In any case, I hope you learned something and if you (or someone you know) have ever had an x-ray this will help clear some things up! Please ask questions if you can come up with any I will try to answer them to the best of my ability!


Reference pictures from


Saturdays at work are extremely boring for me. Im the only person on this side of the building for 8 hours.

So to entertain myself I like to read, play my gameboy, or (as of late) draw. If you read my previous post “Art” you’ll know I have never taken an art class. While I am here I am limited to basic office supplies (permanent markers, highlighters, ballpoint pens, and today I finally found a pencil!). I have done so many drawing thats I am slightly proud of that I would like to share. Therefore: here you go. Criticism welcome. All negative comments about the style or subject matter is not. 🙂 Enjoy.


Just a random doodle. Because I like anime and I like skulls. Did this one last saturday. Red and black marker, ballpoint pen.

This is Kerli (amazing musical artist check out her music) for reference pictures check out her instagram (@bubblegothprincess) blue ballpoint, and paint pen (did the paint pen when I got home)

Im a Harry Potter nerdy dork. This is my most recent from today and I actually love it 🙂 pencil, black marker, black ball point pen. References (I googled the text): Harry potter hogwarts Golden Snitch

Virtual World

It is so much easier to live in a Virtual world rather than reality.

You don’t want to talk to someone?
Sign off, block, or delete them.
Someone being offensive?
Report them. (Something is more likely to be done about it than in the real world.)
Don’t want someone looking at your stuff?
Private mode on!
Are you a shy, ugly person with no friend?
Well, on the internet you can be outgoing, beautiful and cool as shit because no one knows the real you!

And they don’t need to because this is the internet and you can do whatever you want (to an extent.)

Of course this doesn’t work on all website or for all things but it is a general rule.

I know, without a doubt, I am a huge introvert and one of the most socially awkward people I know. So your opinion of me would be slightly skewed even if I am being 100% honest with you about myself! (Which I am, in case you are wondering.)

Because thats the beauty of a virtual world.

Now that I am done rambling Im going out into the real world with my real friends to be socially awkward, with uneven skin tone, no filters, and being at a loss for words in most normal conversation.

Have a great day. 🙂

U kno wut realy grindz ma gears?

When people type as seen above (ebonics).

Now, if they do not have the educational background to literally spell words correctly, I would understand. But even when I was a kid in school when typing like that became “popular” I still tried my best to spell correctly; I didn’t misspell words on purpose.

I have a cousin who is 18 years old and STILL, to this day, I am translating his sentences from badly spoken english to regular english (the english language is so weird sometimes. What’s even correct these days?). It is fairly aggravating.

And it only gets worse when I try to correct him. Kids these days.

Maybe I’m just too old for my age.

*Title reference to Family Guy season 4 episode 28

To The Father That Never Was

Dear Gary,

Here is what I know about you:

Your name.
I was 1 year old when the man who raised me married my mom.
You use to call me when I was a child,
until one day when I was 6 I told you I didn’t know who you were and I didn’t want to talk to you.
You use to send me stickers in the mail, but you never paid child support.
At one point you lived in Alaska for a long period of time.
You remarried.
Had more children.
When the man who raised me tried to legally adopt me when I was 12 you refused to sign the papers; little do you know when I was 18 I had my last name legally changed to his, even though he and I haven’t been on good terms since I was 14.
You have a sister; she tried messaging me on myspace once.
I deleted it; I kind of regret it.
But I was young, I didn’t know any better.

What I don’t know is your side of the story.
Did you date my mom?
Or was it just a fling?
Did you plan on marrying her?
Or did she just leave you high and dry?
Did you even know about me or was I already here?

I could never ask her because for some ‘motherly’ reason my mom would lie to me until the end of time just to make her seem like the better person and try to give me the most pleasing answer she thinks I want to hear.

I always wondered what you even look like.
She has no pictures.
I’ve gone through all of her old high school year books and photo albums from when she was growing up; and I don’t see you in any of them.
Or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

I could pass you on the street, or have a full on face-to-face conversation with you,
And I would never even know.

I met a man at the grocery store where I worked at once that had your full name and I wondered if it might be you

Who are you?
Are you
A Musician?
An Artist?
A Scholar?
A Bum?
A Hard worker?
A Good Dad?

I have had the opportunity to get these questions answered, I could put forth the effort in trying to find you.
But you took the words of a 6 year old to heart and never contacted me again after that phone conversation.
That says something to me.

When it all comes down to it, to me you are:

How does that make you feel?
I’m not sure how it makes me feel.

Love,Your first daughter.
Or was I?

Someone once told me…

That only 10% of what you worry about is actually worth the worry. The other 90% is either nothing or you get yourself so worked up you make your outcome worse.

How accurate those numbers are or how true it is I am not sure but I do have this prime example (don’t judge me):

As most of you know I recently moved! Unfortunately, we are still not completely out of our old place because
A. we have a lot of stuff and not a lot of time or people to help us move said stuff
B. we need a washer and drier for our new place. So while we still can, we are utilizing the washer and drier at the old place until we purchase one of our own.

A few odds and ends at our old place include some bedroom accessories, cleaning supplies and a few items in the fridge.

So its after work and I realize I have a load of laundry in the drier which includes my work shirts, of which I am out of at the new place, so I definitely need to go there to get that! While there I decided to grab a couple smaller items including the stuff from the fridge (eggs and milk) because my fiance informed me this morning there is none in our new place which is why he ate ramen noodle for breakfast this morning.

Getting out of my car I grab my purse and put my car keys, luckily, in my shirt pocket. This is not so much out of habit as I had a weird feeling that I should and I’m sure some cosmic being was smiling down on me so that I would not be completely lost in this situation. Then proceed to packing various items and gathering up my laundry. I get all of the stuff together before packing the items from the refrigerator, to keep them cold, and throw it all in my car. Then, saving the best for last, I pack up the food and proceed to lock the bottom lock and close the door to the apartment. As I’m setting the box in my car I realized: my purse, both my keys to the old and new place, and my cell phone are in the apartment still.

Freaking fantastic.

I happened to know Russell’s (fiance) location at a local restaurant near our new place where he was spending some ‘man time’ with his friends. Panicking that my food is going to spoil, I quickly speed off that way, find him, explain the situation, make myself look like a total idiot in front of all of his friends, get his key, head back to the other side of town where the old place is, get inside, collect my stuff, and drive all the way back to the new place.

Exhausted and hungry (keep in mind this is all after work when I was already hungry), I get all my stuff piled inside and put everything in the refrigerator. As I’m going to change out of my work clothes I noticed something in my right pocket…

My key to the apartment.

Genius, right? So moral of the story is think rationally about what you are worried about (in my case spoiled milk and eggs in my car) because there could have been an easier solution to your problem. Such as checking your pocket to make sure you really did lock your keys in the apartment. Which would have saved me a lot of time, gas, and embarrassment.

As a perk to reading my story I feel like I should let you all know you are the only ones I am admitting this to. Not even Russell will hear the end of the this tale.

No matter how much I dye my hair red I will always be blond.

Riddle Me This

Why do people feel it is their business
to judge other people?
To give them labels?

It is human nature to judge others, it is just what we do.
Like, “oh, that person smells bad and their clothes are dirty:
They must be homeless.”
“Oh, that guy has on a rainbow shirt:
He is probably gay.”
“Oh, that girl looks different from the rest of us ‘normal people’:
Shes a freak.”

So what if there are homeless, gay, or freaks in the world?
What harm does it do you?
Do you not want to share oxygen with that person?
Scared of catching their germs?

Ill tell you what the problem is:
there is a personal vendetta,
Some kind of jealousy,
Or envy.

Because that person can go out into the world being whatever they want to be,
Dating whoever they’d like to date,
Dressing however they want to dress,

And your opinion may hurt, it may sting, it may make them want to cry,

But in the end they know who they are.
And they can be who they want.

And there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

You. Cant. Change. Who. They. Are.

So stop being so hateful and if you don’t like what you see, move on.

I know I personally like to smile in hateful peoples faces and tell them I hope they have a great day.
Because their harsh judgements are just whispers in the wind at the end of the day.

Good day to you.

Quiet Little Hole

As of this moment I am tucked away in a quiet little hole. Much different from the chaotic, dangerous place I was in. And I love it!

Translation: we have finally moved from what could be labeled as “the ghetto” to a new place surrounded by retired old people and concrete walls/ floor where we cant hear whats playing on our neighbors tvs. And just a minutes walk away? This beautiful place:


And if we do not want to be surrounded by silence, we can just walk to the twenty bars/ restaurants across the street.

Life is good.