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I am pretty stoked and pleased with this drawing! I believe its one of my better ones πŸ™‚


This is Hitsugi from the japanese visual kei band Nightmare. After several attempts at drawing him for the past ~er~ 9 years I think I finally managed it!


Small update

My November Ipsy and Popsugar box reviews are sitting in draft form right now. I have to get on my laptop to surf the web and create links otherwise my poor phone will probably die. But my laptop is just so far away and that is so much effort… Ugh. They are coming though no worries!! In the mean time enjoy some pictures




I made my very own phone case for the first time last night! It was so much fun I’m going to make more. I already have a couple people requesting I make them one (ah!). Really easy to do just go to the jewelry section of your local craft store, buy jewels and charms you like, don’t forget to grab special plastic/ metal craft glue (Ill edit this with what I used when I get home), purchase a clear phone case (got mine on Amazon for $2) and just arrange your charms to your liking and glue! Rhinestones are a great idea to grab for filling spaces too. Im not too sure I like the bows on the side was thinking of pulling them off and rhinestoning it up. What’s your thought on it?


A coworker of mine wanted a tattoo drawn up so Im giving this to her Tuesday. A little nervous even though because I just hate disappointing people! So I hope its what she was thinking of πŸ™‚ If not I guess its back to the drawing board.


This is a wip (that I need to fix) of Hitsugi from the visual kei band, Nightmare. You probably think Im weird, but he’s a damn good looking guy, VK or not, in my opinion. Started working on it this saturday but I had to leave my sketch book at work to give coworker the hummingbird picture above. Feeling a little naked and sad without it even though I don’t draw much during the week.



Princess Tofu got spayed Monday! Shes so sad with her cone of shame but somehow still managed to be amazingly photogenic (weird). Shes doing well she keeps licking at her belly but Russell and I have been keeping a good eye on her.


Totally digging my makeup this day I was so pleased with the outcome. So of course I had to share. Tutorial maybe of this one soon?


Anyone else a fan of these books? Well, I saw the new movie, Catching Fire, Thursday night and I must say I was not disappointed in the slightest. As a matter of fact Im going to see it at least two more times before it leaves theaters. They fixed a few of the minor flaws from the first movie AND the camera motion. I don’t know about you but I was feeling a little queezy with a chance of on coming migraine from the jerky camera in the first one. I get that they probably thought “it will be like running next to Katniss the whole time!” But really you only succeeded in killing my vision and head. Thanks for the amazing improvement!

40 random topics later and my “small update” is done.

Hope everyone is having an amazing day!

Much like Lemony Snickets

I feel like this drawing went through a series of unfortunate events (╯ˍ╰) but I have made it close enough to my liking.


This handsome fellow is an artist/ aspiring musician from Sweden named Yoru!! Due to some misfortune his musical career is on hold at the moment so take a minute to click the link above, check out his blog and send him some sweet lovin’ in the form of comments/ likes/ follows!

Progress: The Doctor and River

Progress shot of The Doctor and River for my Christmas Art Challenge! This one is for my sister Ill be coloring it with colored pencils once I go buy some new ones ;). David Bowie is not yet complete either will post a picture of that as well once its complete. Time to go to the art store! My favorite<3


You remind me of the babe

“The babe with the power.”

Anyone else ask this beautiful man to take away your younger sibling?


Not complete but too excited not to share! This will be a present for one of my very good friends! Still needs highlights in the orb and a few in other places. I will be decorating the picture frame it sits in as well so when all is said and done I will post the finished product :).

On another note I am starting my own Christmas Art Challenge and I think all you artist out there should do the same!

I picked five very important people to me and their favorite person/ pet/ thing. The challenge is to have five works of art to give as gifts for christmas.

I thought of the idea because I want to expand on my artistic talents.

So I have:
a famous singer/actor (Bowie- for my friend Kasce)
a famous acting couple (The Doctor and River- for my sister)
a pet (my mom’s pitbull Dozer- for my mom)
a real couple (my Nana who recently passed and her late husband for my Papa/ their son)
and last, but not least, something from a computer game (League of Legends for my fiance, Russell)

One down four to go and two and a half months to finish it all! I know what I’ll be doing at work on Saturdays πŸ˜‰

Tag “Christmas Art Challenge” if you decide to do this and I will follow you to keep up! Ill even reblog :)! And remember it does not have to be a drawing you could use photography or some other craft! Its a great idea for gifts and it really comes from the heart!

Life and art

Life is one giant gamble.

If you have something good but you aspire for more, is there a sign to hit or stay?

On that note here is some art!


This is of course Buddha. For reference picture just google image “buddha.” I tried a different style for this that my usual all done in permanent marker and instead of normal shading I used a dotting technique (it’s called something; The name has slipped my mind). Im not very good at it YET! Practice makes perfect so Im sure I will try again.


And this BEAUTIFUL lady is named Rose Shock (reference pictures on instagram under username Roseshock). I love her makeup, style and artistic talent she is pretty amazing. This of course inspired me to draw her so here you go enjoy!


Saturdays at work are extremely boring for me. Im the only person on this side of the building for 8 hours.

So to entertain myself I like to read, play my gameboy, or (as of late) draw. If you read my previous post “Art” you’ll know I have never taken an art class. While I am here I am limited to basic office supplies (permanent markers, highlighters, ballpoint pens, and today I finally found a pencil!). I have done so many drawing thats I am slightly proud of that I would like to share. Therefore: here you go. Criticism welcome. All negative comments about the style or subject matter is not. πŸ™‚ Enjoy.


Just a random doodle. Because I like anime and I like skulls. Did this one last saturday. Red and black marker, ballpoint pen.

This is Kerli (amazing musical artist check out her music) for reference pictures check out her instagram (@bubblegothprincess) blue ballpoint, and paint pen (did the paint pen when I got home)

Im a Harry Potter nerdy dork. This is my most recent from today and I actually love it πŸ™‚ pencil, black marker, black ball point pen. References (I googled the text): Harry potter hogwarts Golden Snitch