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iOS 7, Inglorious, and Glee! Oh my!

This is my general “catch myself up on my blog” post because I have about twenty topics in my head I would like to discuss:

1. iOS 7 (now 7.2):
LOVE. I think it is amazing, although I find sometimes it looks very generic I enjoy the new features and look overall. A friend of mine posted a helpful video on saving battery life which I think is helping my phone a lot, especially on Saturdays like today. Overall I give the new system an 8 out of 10 in improvement, as I feel there could have been some better features added but am happy with what we got. Beggars can’t be choosers. Or so they say. Here is a link to the video if you are interested:

2. Music~ so many awesome bands are releasing music lately! My favorite so far is most DEFINITELY the release of Kerbera’s first single Inglorious!! This really hits my heart hard because I was a huge fan of Seremedy and since their disbandment have had a slight hole in my rock loving ticker. So far we have heard from many of the band’s former members whether it be theough music or other projects (Yohio, Frederick, and Jenziih) but I have been eagerly anticipating their ex. Volcalist Seike’s new project! In my eyes he is extremely talented and from what I have gathered has a huge heart as well. I can safely say he is my favorite member of the band. So without further a due I give you Inglorious!:

**My side note before you watch this video: If you do not enjoy this music I do not want rude negative comments about the band, people in the band, style/ genre of music or whatever. They worked hard to get where they are and deserve support. Negative comments about the above will be reported and deleted without response. If you dont like it: don’t watch it or don’t read my blog.

3. Glee. Since the unfortunate death of Cory Monteith I have been dreading the premier of the 5th season of Glee. It tears apart my soul to know that each person on the set is crying internally while smiling on film. I am a little upset that they reshot the first three episodes, thus ridding fans of the opportunity to see our Finn in his last glorious moments. But I can’t say I blame the director for it. I would love for them to release the footage though. I feel episode 3 (the episode where the cast finds out about “Finn”) is going to be more heart breaking than any other episode. Episode one already made me cry, it will probably only get worse. But it will help put all those Gleek’s hearts out there at ease once we can say our final goodbyes with the cast.

RIP Cory Monteith: although many of us never met you, you have left your footprint in our hearts.

If you have a favorite actor, actress, musician, artist or entertainer in general, dont forget to show them love and support for all their hard work and dedication to whatever makes them special! The entertainment industry (especially in America) is huge and sometimes we forget they are normal people who need positive thoughts and smiling faces to get where they are!


I have a few other topics but I will post on them later. Something to look forward to:

Artwork! So you know what I have been doing on Saturdays that have taken my time up from posting 😉

Official pet introduction of Cheeseburger and Tofu (as well as guest appearances from Hijack, Bandit, and Kirby, maybe even Dozer and Roxy)

And many more!


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