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Pictures say a thousand words…

That’s probably one of my favorite says because I love taking pictures and sharing them with people (instagram is my social media weakness…). So, I though for tonight’s post I would share some pictures.


This is my little photogenic princess, Tofu. You may think that is an odd name for a cat until you meet her brother Cheeseburger.


Equally photogenic and accurately named.


This is not him as a kitten, but I’m pretty sure something along these lines happened before he came into my life.


And just for a size comparison here you go. Tofu is a little bigger now (shes only 6 months, Cheeseburger is 6 years) but they still differ in size greatly.

They are my four legged little monsters and I can’t imagine life without them.

Next topic: Food.


I have been going on an epic journey to teach myself how to cook more than Macaroni and Cheese. This asparagus was pretty delicious (I never made it myself before) covered in pepper, a little butter, salt, garlic, parsley and topped with lemon juice it was pretty tasty. Too much lemon juice though, next time it will be better!


This pizza makes me hungry just thinking about it! It was amazing! I bought a pre-made crust (cheating) put some olive oil and garlic salt on the crust then added diced tomatoes, pesto, sundried tomatoes, garlic, feta, fresh grated mozzarella cheese, and topped artichoke hearts. Delicious.

And now: Makeup!


I just really liked my makeup this day. I have a few others I need to get off my instagram to share (if you want to check some of them out you can go to my page and there is a link to the right ;)) Want a tutorial? Yay or nay?

And of course Art~


Ahhhhh so many dots! I have never tried this style of art before it was quite fun though. This one is kind of unfinished I was intending on getting an orange sharpie and doing more but it turned out pretty good in just black as well and I’m slacking on the art.


This was probably the last thing I drew, Halloween related of course. I love Halloween its my favorite holiday and time of year<3 This was just a random doodle.

And last but not least:


Here are some of my coworkers and myself celebrating halloween! We were supposed to be the skeleton crew (pay no attention to the ghost) I made my own shirt though and it was so much fun! Now I have an awesome skull shirt to wear on the daily 😉 The back is cut out to look like a spine, ribs and scapula.

Fun fact of the day: November 8, 1895 X-rays were discovered! Which happens to be tomorrow (or maybe today depending on where you are from and when you are reading this!) So happy x-ray day!!!! Glad it was invented because I absolutely love my job 🙂

And there you have it, a couple thousand words for you. Hope you enoyed<3


Excuses are like Butt Holes

Sorry for the lack of post due to my limited phone data, new work schedule and newest addition to my small cat family, I havent had the opportunity to write anything. Look forward to a few new makeup tutorials, artwork, travels to New Orleans and random thoughts as soon as my data resets in five days. Around that time I should be able to resume a normal work schedule and my babies are now getting along!

To keep the suspense going here are pictures of my cats and a wip of my latest creation of Miyavi!


The dark huge one is Cheeseburger and the little white one is my newest addition, Tofu.

I got Cheeseburger (formally Elvis) 4 years ago at this size, maybe bigger, from a friend of my mom. He is the love of my life and I adore him<3 No, he does not have diabetes. He is 21 1/2 pounds.

Tofu is my little baby girl. She was wondering around my friends neighborhood for about a month she is the sweetest kitten I have ever met though. She was born approximately on my little brothers birthday (April 13th) is 4 1/2 pounds and tested negative for feline leukemia at her appointment today! Ironically I was going to make a post about pets being like children the night I got her. I’m sure the post will make it here soon.
Miyavi Ishihara is my favorite Japanese musical artist! He has AMAZING stage presence and I have been listening to his music since his solo career took flight when I was still in highschool. Such a beautiful man with a beautiful family! Check out his music!