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He’s pretty amazing.

Side note I guess I could tell you about my day:
I was fairly productive and cleaned the old apartment we stayed in so that all I have to do now is vacuum a couple rooms (yay me!). I feel that even if we didn’t clean religiously (mostly I was on strike because the two boys I lived with wouldn’t clean) I think it should be clean for the new tenants.
Even if the neighborhood is shitty.
And the reality company didn’t do anything to help our process move smoothly.

We still have a lot to do, but we will get to it! We are both just very busy 😦 My fiance works for a beer company (Miller) in merchandising; which has its perks. We try a lot of awesome beer! This month they have the New Belgium items available to him for $5 a case… Talk about heaven. These are two of my favorite so far:


Check it out if you like beer. The sunshine is a lighter, more flavored beer. Trippel is a hoppier IPA. Both are very enjoyable and come in a pint size container.

Aside from that, I had a decent day at work. The place I work trains students from our local college and tomorrow is their last day which is very sad. I enjoy and dislike students all at the same time! They always seem to know ALMOST what they are talking about but its really difficult when you are responsible for their work. I like to lock myself away in a room without them on days when I feel stressed or when the Radiologist is cranky.

The two we have this semester are really good for only being in their 3rd (out of 5) semester. Normally we only accept 4th and 5th semester students but this was our first set of 3rd semesters in 2 years. I’m impressed. Though it always seems one is cockier than the other and the one that is not is either the one we like or the one that doesn’t know anything at all. In this case it’s the one we like.

I am sad to see them go though and hope they get through the next year flawlessly! It’s nice to know that you make a difference to people in their learning. Makes me smile a little.

On that note I’m going to finish watching this episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (because I love nostalgia) and go to bed!

Also, I have officially hit more than 30 followers so I want to thank you so much to everyone that follows me! I really appreciate you guys<3