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Ordinary Days

I always take walks in the morning; it starts my day in a calm, relaxing sort of way. Plus nature is amazing and animals are beautiful. I always find something interesting to see where I walk, even if it’s the same place every day.


Ducks. Freaking cuties.Image

A barnacle infested dingy made its way to the shore. Pretty cool.

There was a heron that landed on one of the tall lights and its wings were spread, beak open, sun in the background picture perfect! But I was too busy gawking to open my camera. Fore shame.


Today is just one of those days that I don’t want to be around people. Nothing personal, I just enjoy sitting around literally wasting my time because it doesn’t happen very often and I give up a lot of my free time to make my friends happy! Not that I mind since that generally means I, too, am happy but there is something about doing things during the day at your own pace, without stress, or having to worry about other people’s time constraints.

I spent pretty much 4 years straight doing nothing but going to school full time, working full time, being in a full time relationship, making everyone as happy as I could with what spare time I actually had and doing it all with a sarcastic smile on my face and a death metal song in my heart. It wears on a person and I lost a lot of the things I loved at that time.

But, school is done. For now. And I am perfectly happy where I am with my job, relationships and back to doing the things I love.