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Saturdays at work are extremely boring for me. Im the only person on this side of the building for 8 hours.

So to entertain myself I like to read, play my gameboy, or (as of late) draw. If you read my previous post “Art” you’ll know I have never taken an art class. While I am here I am limited to basic office supplies (permanent markers, highlighters, ballpoint pens, and today I finally found a pencil!). I have done so many drawing thats I am slightly proud of that I would like to share. Therefore: here you go. Criticism welcome. All negative comments about the style or subject matter is not. 🙂 Enjoy.


Just a random doodle. Because I like anime and I like skulls. Did this one last saturday. Red and black marker, ballpoint pen.

This is Kerli (amazing musical artist check out her music) for reference pictures check out her instagram (@bubblegothprincess) blue ballpoint, and paint pen (did the paint pen when I got home)

Im a Harry Potter nerdy dork. This is my most recent from today and I actually love it 🙂 pencil, black marker, black ball point pen. References (I googled the text): Harry potter hogwarts Golden Snitch