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Zero to Hero

Just like that!~~~ヾ(^∇^)♪

This is slightly old news, but I read an article today about a guy named Paul Richards and his band “Heavy Load.” Here is the link to the article but it basically says this group of middle aged men created a punk band that ended up starting a campaign called “Stay Up Late” for those with learning disabilities (the idea sprouted from him and his friends having learning disabilities).

After reading about the charity I decided to look more up on it because I thought it is a really awesome concept. Their thought behind the organization is that most of those with disabilities do not have the means or ability to have a social life (as social workers are usually done by 10). So they created this campaign to get those people out after dark to make it possible for them to socialize and have fun with their lives. It isnt just about partying and going out but more motivation to really so what they want with their lives. Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me.

You can find out more by clicking this link