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The cat’s pajamas

Eyes wide open

The pain and irritation you cause is weighing me down.
I would rather scoop my eye right out of its socket than deal with you for another minute.

You think you have the right to get in my business?
And when I try to get you out of it, you evade me.
You’re so stubborn like that.

Sometimes I’m so scare of getting rid of you.
I know it might hurt, because this happens to me a lot.
But it needs to happen.
You have to get out.

My eyes become red and I get so tired of fighting with you.
People notice too… I always keep a bottle of visine in my purse just in case you effect me.
Because you always do at the worst times.
And you literally bring tears to my eye sometimes.
You’re that bad.

Sometimes I can’t even see you, but I know you’re there…

Why wont you get out of my eye, you stupid eyelash?!


3 responses to “Eyes wide open

  1. Ms. Vee March 24, 2014 at 11:18 pm

    I like the twist at the end. Good job.

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