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October Popsugar must have Box review

I’m extremely late on this but I wanted to review my October Popsugar must have Box! It came in in the beginning of the month so I think I have thoroughly tried out all the products I received in order to give you a nice review 😉 For those of you who do not know Popsugar must have Boxes require a $40 subscription per month but they give you over $100 worth of stuff to try! I have been so satisfied with my first box I have subscribed to another couple of months ;). I have done the same thing for Ipsy but have yet to receive a box from them (my first one should be coming in this month I’ll review it when I get it). Ipsy is the cheaper version but they do essentially the same thing (I think I got a year subscription for $110) Click the links to go to the websites.


Please forgive my cat she made her way into the bottom of my picture (she’s the strange white blur). Ok! To start out with I’ll tell you the products I didn’t/ haven’t/ won’t use:

First, I didn’t eat the rice crispy treat. I can’t eat gelatin though I wish I could because this was the squooshy-est most delicious looking rice crispy treat I have ever seen! It almost made me go against my vegetarian ways just to try it, alas I’m stubborn. Normally $3.95

Second, I have not used the Can’t Cook Book though I intend to! I just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe if I didn’t spend $40 on a subscription to get this thing I would have been able to buy food and try it 😉 (I kid. When I do pick stuff to make out of it and try it I will let you know.) The book just has simple instructions for nice, quick, but delicious looking meals. I feel like all college students should have this, though the ingredients are a little pricier than ramen noodle. They have a lot of vegetarian options which I LOVE about it! Kindle edition on Amazon is $11.96 Hardback is $12.59. I believe there is an app as well not sure how much it is.

Third, I did not and will not use the gift card to stitch fix. Though I will tell you about it! Stitch Fix is a site that you can put your mailing information in (Im sure you have to give them a credit card number as well) and they send you a box of clothes. You keep what you want and send back what you dont (they provide the shipping and box). The only reason I’m not using it is because I get told on a daily basis I have too many clothes. Also, it’s more incentive for me to spend even more money, which I am trying to avoid (and doing a bad job of it). Gift card for $20

Now to the stuff I do use an love!

First, Jane Tran bobby-pins! I use them every day and they actually hold up my crazy, curly, thick hair! They are made different than normal bobby pins and much longer as well. They are not something that hides in your hair easily, its definitely meant for decorative purposes. But, like I said they work really well so its like killing two birds with one stone. The set that came with my box is about $12. Looking at their website makes me want to buy more though they have so many cute options.

Second, The Wet Brush! Holy crap if you have curly hair: You must own this brush. It’s amazing! The bristles are extremely flexible and made for brushing your hair in the shower. For those of you who don’t know about us curly headed people, we pretty much can’t ever brush our hair unless its wet. Unless we want to look like we are from the 80s. The solution is the wet brush! I never heard of this until it showed up in my box, but I am sure glad it did! Normally $14

Third, Julep Nail Color! This product has been a hot topic as of late I am seeing it everywhere now and I love it so much! It is a really good quality nail polish and stays on really well. I have the problem of chipping my nail polish an hour after I put it on, with this it at least lasted 3-4 days before it chipped! I got the dark red color and a clear top coat. Normally $14 each

Fourth, Bali Bead Bracelet! I have a bad habit of putting on a bracelet and never taking it off including when I’m in the shower, which is exactly what I have done with this bracelet for a whole month and it still looks brand new! No tarnish or color changing of my skin which better not happen because this is a $45 bracelet (holy crap). It’s really cute and simple and goes with almost everything I own (even though it’s pink but I wear a lot of black and everything goes with black ;)).

Last but not least my most used product: NYX Liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow palette! The link is for the eyeshadow palette here’s the liquid eyeliner. I used these almost every single day it comes with colors for a day look and a night look and the liner is absolutely amazing! Goes on so smooth and dark. My favorite part about the brand NYX is that they are vegan and animal cruelty free which most people don’t really care about but it’s a plus in my book! Palette is $7 liner is $5.50

And that’s everything! All together the whole box was full of about $125 worth of product. Not bad for $40. So, if you are a beauty guru and like to spend your money on frivolous stuff to make yourself look good I would say the box is definetly worth it! Look out for my Ipsy and the next Popsugar Box review hopefully that box comes in soon<3


2 responses to “October Popsugar must have Box review

  1. Mr. Wetbrush November 5, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    Thanks for the glowing review. But the Wet Brush is not $4.99, it’s $14, on Best, Mr. Wetbrush 🙂

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