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#1 and #2 Random life rule


I’m aliveeee.
Sorry, for the lack of post I’ve been pretty busy lately. Happy to report the last item in our old place that needs to be moved is the vacuum! Which, unfortunately, I still need there so I can clean. Unsure of my feelings on reporting that we are having a roommate move in at the end of the month. Easing up on bills but taking away some privacy. I like the person moving in though he’s a cool fellow. Extra extra happy to report a canoe trip in two weeks, followed by official ‘full time’ title at work, and trip to new orleans the next weekend! Yay!

Anyway, during my very busy week, my friend and I were sitting at a bar, having a drink, talking about life. During our conversation we realized there are things we learn during adulthood that we were never taught as children. Nothing extremely significant, but just little random life rules that never came up in every day conversation with our parents.

So, I’ll be posting ‘random life rules’ as we come up with the list. Today’s random life rules:

1. Get your money back from the gas station. I know it seems silly, but when it happens to you the first time you may get slightly confused as to how to proceed. Say you pay $35 inside, either cash or credit, go outside and realize you only have room for about $30 worth of gas. Make sure you get a refund of some sort! Whether they give you cash or do some refund on your card. I had a situation one time where I was traveling and this happened. I used a card and the guy told me the money would be put back on my card automatically. Lies. Make sure you get your money back!

2. Take your receipts at restaurants. I realize not all waiters/ waitresses are like this, but there will be that one that feels they deserved a better tip than what you left him/her. And they will do something about it if you leave your customer copy of your restaurant receipt! They can change your tip and you’ve got no proof. Some establishments will probably take your word for it and try to dig up something, but my experience says otherwise. Though it wasn’t an excessive amount of money, I didn’t have my receipt so the manager just blew me off. People are so rude sometimes.


Anyway, I’m sure they seem like stupid life rules but it’s little insignificant things like that which don’t get taught to you as a kid that might make your life a little simpler one day.


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