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It is not all about what you see with your eyes.
Beauty should make you feel.

You can use all the makeup in the world.
Get every surgery you can afford.
Buy the most expensive clothes.
Work out until you are at 0% body fat.
Or even just use your natural beauty to win the hearts of millions.

Personality is something you cannot fake.

You could be the most visually appealing person in the world, but if your personality is rotten: you are not beautiful.

I could never pin point an amazing personality based of someones age, color, size, up bringing, or any distinct characteristics.

You have good people,
And you have bad people.

You have beautiful people,
And you have ugly people.

Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder, but the heart of the beholder. Because if someone with a chiseled face, great body, and great fashion sense makes you feel like you’re worth nothing:
They are not the beautiful ones.


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