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The cat’s pajamas

To Do List for the Day

1. Wake up early and start my day being productive. Wake up early and go back to bed while cuddling with my cat for 2 hours.

2. Look normal, don’t take 20 years to get dressed/ do makeup.
Kind of~ Check

3. Get boxes ready for shipping! Best friend’s birthday/ ‘be part of my wedding’ present as well as my bride’s maids presents 🙂
(Want to see whats inside of them? This one is my sisters.)

4. Make two trips to take the trash out, including 4 pizza boxes…

5. Blog instead of calling (A.) the lady about our storage key or (B.) booking The Landing for our wedding ceremony or (C.) calling in my prescription refill to the pharmacy
because I hate talking on the phone.

6. Clip coupons… It’s my first time, I’m kind of nervous.

7. Publish this blog and then actually call those people I was suppose to call.
Check and maybe.

8. Make a facebook page with wedding invite and for bride’s maids once I officially get the ceremony site booked.

9.-11. Leave the apartment to take the boxes to the post office, pick up the storage key, and shove food in my mouth because I’m starving.
Hopefully check soon.


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