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I try to eat healthy on a normal basis but some days it just doesn’t work. Between late work nights and lack of food in the house, the world is against me.

Today all that could be found in my house was 1/4 a container of Greek yogurt, a can of kidney beans and condiments. So I ventured off to get Moe’s before work. If you do not have a Moe’s Southwest Grill where you live: I’m sorry.

They have just about everything. Including a soda machine with 100+ flavors… and I don’t even drink soda! My only complaints include: they don’t have spinach and they put onions in their guacamole.

One day my metabolism is going to catch up with me and say, “Shame on you for all that Moe’s queso dip.” Eat and be happy while you can though, right? I’ll just work out.

Side note since I was speaking of the world being against me: if restaurants do not stop putting bacon in my food I’m going to go on an angry rampage. One that involves me eating said bacon and getting violently ill in their place of work because I haven’t put meat in my body in almost 14 years… This has happened four times this year alone! People are putting bacon in the weirdest stuff.. Like black bean soup.

Who puts bacon in black bean soup? Really.

Anyway, while eating my delicious non-bacon inhabited food, I watched “House at the End of the Street” with Jennifer Lawrence. It is actually pretty good; sort of your normal thriller with a twist. I wouldn’t have complained if I saw it in theaters. Plus, I love Jennifer Lawrence.


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