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Dream come true

I can hardly believe the success of this blog! Now, granted, I follow people who have hundreds of followers so to be excited about 40+ seems a little stupid. But, I am so happy for every person who is actually following me even if youre one of those “I’m only following this person so they will follow my blog” kind of bloggers I still appreciate you!

Truth is I had a blog for many years on livejournal and it didn’t get very far, even though I knew a great many people on it.

I have always felt that if something in my life was wrong or I had some emotion I needed to get out writing about it always helped. It was very good advice given to me by a pen pal many, many years ago, some advice I seemed to have forgotten for a while. I found it again once I started having the old free time I used to enjoy. It seems history does repeat itself.

Now, I am not a great writer or blogger and I have a tendency to ramble a lot. However, my mindless rambles are being follow by 43 people and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Thank you, so much!

You may never know how happy it makes me that people may actually read my words, feelings and random thoughts.


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