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It is not an every day thing but, I find that it does wonders to surround yourself with those who are successful and positive about life. Even if your successes do not directly correlate it makes you try harder. Like a competition.

We as humans are very competitive. We can be sore losers or even good sports but there is always someone in life you would like to do better than. Someone you’d like to impress whether it’s a friend, family member, coworker, anyone! Even if you just want them to tell you you’re doing a good job.

Being around positive people who smile creates a better atmosphere for others, thus creating a positive environment.

You have to find your happy medium on the positive vibes though. I find that too many annoy me and too little depress me.

I’m sure this doesn’t apply to everyone, it’s probably just me but realizing this makes me happy. Mostly because I have found my perfect mix of successful, happy people to be around. And those who may not be are the ones I can help<3

I hope that while I build on on their positive attitudes, they will build on mine. I think I like that idea the best: Helping people be positive and happy.


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