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The cat’s pajamas


There are those days where I just want to stand in the middle of a crowd like:


Im mean really do, I have to do everything and die?

Any way,
Last night I tried to fish tail/ fish bone braid my hair (which is mighty difficult with curly hair). It makes my arms tired to just do it straight from the back so I tried different styles. My favorite was to put it in a pony tail, braid and pin the end under the hair tie from the pony tail creating a sort of braided bun effect.



I sketched a quick “how to” kind of so you can see how I did the braid and put it up. I have extremely thick curly hair which is why mine looks so big. Also the smaller pieces you use the better your braid looks!


Reference picture via Gladiator google “are you not entertained”


3 responses to “Entertainment

  1. segmation August 3, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Very funny and I am very entertained! Thanks for sharing this wonderful art.

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