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Riddle Me This

Why do people feel it is their business
to judge other people?
To give them labels?

It is human nature to judge others, it is just what we do.
Like, “oh, that person smells bad and their clothes are dirty:
They must be homeless.”
“Oh, that guy has on a rainbow shirt:
He is probably gay.”
“Oh, that girl looks different from the rest of us ‘normal people’:
Shes a freak.”

So what if there are homeless, gay, or freaks in the world?
What harm does it do you?
Do you not want to share oxygen with that person?
Scared of catching their germs?

Ill tell you what the problem is:
there is a personal vendetta,
Some kind of jealousy,
Or envy.

Because that person can go out into the world being whatever they want to be,
Dating whoever they’d like to date,
Dressing however they want to dress,

And your opinion may hurt, it may sting, it may make them want to cry,

But in the end they know who they are.
And they can be who they want.

And there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

You. Cant. Change. Who. They. Are.

So stop being so hateful and if you don’t like what you see, move on.

I know I personally like to smile in hateful peoples faces and tell them I hope they have a great day.
Because their harsh judgements are just whispers in the wind at the end of the day.

Good day to you.


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