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What makes us feel obligated to do certain things or think a certain way?

Is it our need to determine what is right and what is wrong?
And who decides that: right and wrong?

Are you able to separate your own thoughts and feelings from society?
They put the idea in your mind, then beat it until it sticks.

Or do you really agree with what they are saying?

Obligation is not black and white or clear cut,
You can do what you truly believe is right.

If society agrees, hooray.
If not, oh well.

If someone does not agree with what you believe in:
You are not obliged to make them see your way.
Give them the information you wish to share.

Let them think what they want,
Do what they want,
Feel how they want.

We are all individuals,
We are not obligated to be sheep.
Nor should we be.

Disclaimer: There are certain topics of conversation where I feel this is inappropriate advice, but generally I think it can adequately cover most topics.


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