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On the off chance you saw my once titled “note to self” post about moving and how it sucks: sorry that wasn’t a real blog. Obviously.

Now instead I have decided to discuss children today.

I took my nieces to see “Monster University” (which was adorable in case you were wondering) and I could not help but sit there and wonder how the words coming out of my mouth would effect them and their mental growth.

You see, I don’t have children of my own. In fact I quite dislike children, unless I can give them back. So every once in a while I like to steal my future sister in laws girls (one is turning 8 the other two are twins and 10). While on our outing I decided children do not have even the slightest of filters when they are trying to impress an adult they like. For example:

“Mommy especially wouldn’t want to walk this far because shes big.”

“Don’t pay attention to those people because they’re crying and adults aren’t suppose to cry. They’re probably fighting.” As we are walking right next to said adults.

“That girls outfit is ugly.” Again, as we are walking pass the girl.

“Why is your face so red?” Thats just what my face looks like, thanks girls. (I get that one a lot from children)

And they don’t make the remarks quietly by any means. Of course, I told them they shouldn’t talk about people like that especially if they can hear them because it makes people uncomfortable and upset when you point that out.

I am well aware each of these girls has their own personality and I can only help but wonder if my “words of wisdom” or any adults for that matter, will effect them in a negative or positive way.

Will what I said strengthen the introvert in them, making it harder for them to give people their own opinions?
Or will it strengthen their voice because they’re honey badgers*?
And to make matters worse there are three of them! I could be effecting them all differently!

I realize this is too extreme of an analysis and that what I said about each situation probably went in one ear and out the other. But I really do wonder what was going through their little heads when they heard my response.

How are my words effecting the development of their mind and how they treat others?

Forget about me. What about every body else?! The worlds a crazy place and kids hear and see crazy things these days. Im too worried about other peoples children much less what would happen if I had my own.

I would be that clingy, over controlling mom. Or thats what I think I would be at least. Hopefully it wont happen for a while. I’ll just help raise my nieces and nephews. My sister can give mom grand babies 😉

For honey badger reference please watch The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger Yes I did use this to reference my nieces, only because I like the phrase “Honey Badger dont give a ****”



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