BeccaBear's Blog

The cat’s pajamas


is irresistible.
Not limited to a person,
Or relationship.

Love is all around us
Waiting to make us
And cry,
And laugh,
And live.

Fueling the fire to our
Passion and

It is everything we hope and dream for.
And what we curse and blame when our hearts are broken.

But don’t blame love for your past;
Thank it,
Because without it you have nothing.

Nothing to look forward to,
Or feel.

I am lucky enough to find love in this world in the most surprising and wonderful of places. I will always cherish every moment and try not to waste it because I know at any moment it could be taken from me.

We all make mistakes and we all take stuff for granted until it’s too late. But I want to be that person who always tried to make a conscious effort to live life to its fullest and love everything and everyone around me.

For the rest of my life,
No matter how overrated
Or terrible it can be:

I want it with me always.


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