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Home is where the heart is

I love where I live,
Plain and simple.

Cons of my home:
-It feels like I’m swimming all the time (humidity).
-The above does not agree with my curly hair.
-It gets boring unless you drive 30 minutes to an hour away. You can only go to the beach so much.
-Its hot. All the time. We probably have about 2-3 months if we are lucky out of the year where it is cold enough for my scarf fetish.
-I run into 1/2 of my graduating class that I didn’t speak to, know, or like on a daily basis. Those conversations just get awkward because they always want to talk.
-Southern hospitality. People saying ‘Hi’ and being nice really isn’t a bad thing; sometimes you just want to be left alone though. And sometimes people are just too nice.

-Southern hospitality. Also, a good thing because I love meeting new people. Even when people are ‘too nice,’ its good to know people notice you. Kind of makes you smile if anything else. I also feel as though it gives me a reason to say ‘Hi’ to everyone because I’m from the south and its what we do.
-Beautiful. If you don’t believe me, look at the pictures. I’m not a pro photographer or anything and they were all taken with my iPhone, but pictures say a thousand words. Or so they say.
-The beach. Its free, potentially hours of entertainment, I can: play volley ball (haha doesn’t happen), swim, drink, people watch, tan, drink, swim some more, and did I mention its free?
-Everyone always comes home. Unfortunately, after high school a lot of my close friends moved off to bigger and better things. Fortunately, they always come home at least once a year.
-My family is here (mom and sister anyway) and home is where the heart is.

The cons and pros are fairly evenly matched, but when I have my doubts all I have to do it go outside and look around me. Preferably not in a place where there are people.

One day maybe Ill leave. That probably wont happen for a while. Thank you for reading my mindless ramble. Now you may enjoy the pictures of my home. πŸ™‚

2013 070

This is crab island! If you’ve never been prepare to see naked drunk people and maybe even get drunk yourself if you’re lucky.

2013 078

We Floridians like to do crazy things like tubing in shark infested waters. We live life on the edge.

2013 080

Destin Bridge from a boat.

2013 086

Good shot of the Harbor Walk from a boat (There is another picture down below of what it looks like when you are walking there)

2013 087

Boat in the water. *Captain Obvious*

2013 088

That’s a pirate ship.Β  I believe its also a restaurant.

2013 090

Firework boat for our festivals.

2013 111

Nature. I walk a lot so I have a lot of these kinds of pictures. This one is probably one of my favorites.

2013 130

Feeding the birds at the zoo. I never liked zoos until I read ‘The Life of Pi.’ Now I’m ok with them as long as they take good care of their animals.

2013 140

The giraffe is my favorite at this zoo (because they don’t have pandas ;))

2013 186

The Harbor Walk in Destin. Yes those deserts say “Bacon Love.” And the Jester at the bottom is an amazing alcoholic beverage they serve. There are a lot of restaurants, art exhibits, stores, kayak/ paddle board/ jet ski/ boat rental, live shows, festivals, fireworks and soon to be zip lining and Margarita Vile.

2013 216

We have a lot of clubs that do a lot of shows, this one is Coheed and Cambria at the Swamp. I love Coheed and Cambria!! They didn’t do much but the ingenious sound they were producing was amazing. This is where I went to my first concert at many years ago πŸ˜‰

photos 589

In This Moment at Club LA. Probably one of my favorite shows ever Maria Brinks has amazing stage presence and puts on a great show. If you ever get the chance to see them go!

2013 244

Local joint called “Fudpuckers” has amazing food and drinks its one of the bigger ‘touristy’ restaurants. This is my friend Melissa and myself sharing a drink.

2013 254

Whats a picture of my home without the beach? This is under the pier.

photos 069

Two of my best friends walking down Pensacola beach.

photos 074

This is one of my favorite things about my home.<3 Yes the sand is white. No filter or edits. This is just my beach in all its glory.

2013 331

We have some great parks. I don’t like this one so much because it doesn’t have a swing. They are fun to eat lunch at or just to go be a kid again.

photos 217

We like to play goofy golf.

photos 218

A lot.

photos 251

I make a lot of friends on my daily walks.

photos 340

We have lots of arcades. This is my nephew πŸ™‚ There is an arcade in Fudpuckers now called Fat Daddy’s and its amazing.

2013 243

This is Fat Daddys. These are my friends πŸ™‚ We bough smarties and moon blasters with all of our tickets.

photos 514

This is what I like to call a “Floriday”

photos 515

A friend on one of my walks.

photos 606

This is in downtown. Its where the cool kids hang out.

2013 346

Recent adventure with friends at our local bowling alley. Melissa and myself did our makeup all ‘zombie’fied and decided to go out. Because that’s what we do.


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