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When I was younger electronic devices started becoming a big thing.

The computer could send emails,
cell phones came out, were bricks, then became a reasonable size
Gaming systems got cooler,
Graphics got better,
MP3s evolved faster than Pokemon,
And Google. ‘Nuff said.

Thats when kids stopped playing outside. I was one of those kids.

So, I spent much of my childhood dabbling in as much technology as I could, becoming completely engrossed.

Don’t get me wrong I made some of my best friends online some of which I have met in real life and some which I still keep in contact with. A lot of great times and discussions have arisen from spending time at movie theaters, on many versions of playstation, creeping on peoples myspace, ect.

But I am here to tell you that if you are like me and submerge your life in technology, you need to set all your devices down, get away from your computer desk, get out of your house and go on a walk.

Find the farthest place from human activity you can, stop and do one thing:

You will feel free.

Now for those of you in big cities or industrial driven societies this may be difficult but do your best.

Don’t bring your phone or even your camera. Just your body.

And even though you didn’t instagram it or tweet about it or update your facebook status about how beautiful it is,
You will remember it.
I promised.

However, if you get eaten by a bear, jumped by a hobo, or fall in a ditch: do not hold me responsible.
Beauty has a price take the risk!


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