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The cat’s pajamas

Feel with your heart, think with your brain

As my first blog I feel it necessary to introduce myself:

Hi, my name is Becca.

I live in a small town, jam packed with tourist. The people who live in my town know everything about everyone and that can be quite frustrating. However, with beaches as white as snow, I always have an escape from them.

Im a professional broken bone photographer with a love for pandas, my cat, books, music and video games. My life goal is to see the Giant Pandas in China. My cat is obese. I’ll always believe in magic⚡. My playlist raise eyebrows for being so musically diverse. And LoL is my addiction.

I have been considered an “odd ball” all my life (though whose to say what is really odd these days). People say I am “different” but I say I’m myself. I like me just the way I am.

My imperfections make me perfect. If you don’t agree: go away.

I look for inspirational people in the world, with amazing stories or who may also be considered “strange.” I tend to make friends with these people. Please share your story with me❤


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